Tourist Kid | Crude Tracer


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  1. A1 - Example 8:11
  2. A2 - Discourse II 6:26
  3. A3 - Learn 6:09
  4. B1 - Variegare 4:36
  5. B2 - Know 3:55
  6. B3 - UV Bleacher Tangent 4:06
  7. B4 - Bacterial 4:37
  8. B5 - Petrol 5:30


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With this imaginative LP, Tourist Kid succeeds in creating an outer-worldly soundtrack with new surprises at every (re)listen.

about the record

Tourist Kid’s “Crude Tracer” – their first release on Melody As Truth – was recorded in Perth and Melbourne between 2016 and 2017. Though the idea of movement between two places could be a somewhat romantic afterthought, a more palpable sense of dislocated unease creeps up on the listener throughout the album.

Tourist Kid’s production encompasses all manner of tangible and otherworldly sounds as a vehicle to explore something far more intriguing than a simple instrumental fetish – so much so that the overwhelming sting of blasted detritus or a broken and bent vocal is capable of eliciting such delicate impulses as glistening, heart-wrenching piano chords. It’s a unique – and very special – kind of beauty that Tourist Kid gracefully achieves with “Crude Tracer”.

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