Philipp Otterbach | The Rest is Bliss


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  1. A1 - Interlude 2:00
  2. A2 - Dark Side of the Møn 2:02
  3. B1 - The Weak Song 2:05
  4. B2 - The Roamer Pt.1 2:03
  5. B3 - The Roamer Pt.2 2:03


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about the record

Philipp Otterbach has been around for a while, publishing records at Grokenberger and Tour Messier Records. Although he is now based in Berlin, Philipp was one of the first residents of the famous Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf. Together with his friend Vladimir Ivkovic he has organized the Substance parties for many years.

His productions sound like floating in the unruly waves of life, reflecting its flow and resistance. Otherworldly beauty is conveyed through cinematic, pulsating soundscapes, where contextually sampled and poly-rhythmically designed, electronic percussion generates impulsive rhythms.

The Rest is Bliss conjures up the stillness of dawn, where fog shrouds a pristine forest far away from civilization. The damp confines of a sauna come to mind as well. The heat slowly overtaking the senses, leaving you with nothing more than the urge to breathe and a feeling of being alive.

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