Michael Beharie & Teddy Rankin-Parker | A Heart From Your Shadow


A finely sculpted album that draws inspiration from Michael’s Jamaican heritage and further amplified by Teddy’s cello.⁠

A1 – Intro
A2 – So Much Trash
A3 – Paper Tiger
A4 – Gully
A5 – Smooth Face
B1 – Fake Money
B2 – Roses
B3 – Promise
B4 – Icon
B5 – Petaluma

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Venturing from long slow strikes of the cello to Carribean drums spiced with computer-generated vocals and from re-imagined city conversations to live drum techno pieces, this is a true emotional rollercoaster as we call it.⁠

Even though the album holds so much variety in energy, Michael and Teddy somehow manage to create a consistent sound that magically makes sense. ⁠


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