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  • Seasonal Diary I: Radical Tenderness

    Seasonal Diary I: Radical Tenderness is the first compilation in a new periodical series that explores life's cyclicality and nature's variability through different sonic moods. We invited six artists to craft the sonority of relatively opposing spectrums – cold and cozy – which paired together depicts the lush duality of the winter season. The result is a heartfelt narrative about the search and pursuit of solace in the midst of turbulent and uneasy times.

  • Tactile Interactions

    Tactile Interactions brings together textile artist Bec Kirby and sound artists Joda Foerster & Niklas Kramer for an exploration in tangibility and modularity across object and sound. The three artists were driven by a mutual intrigue as to how physicality transcends form, while form could be subtracted, manipulated, and synthesized into new manners all together.

  • Clay Bodies

    Clay Bodies is a multidimensional project stretching artistic language, form, and workflow across digital and continental spheres. Baal & Mortimer, Cate Kennan, Cucina Povera, and Morita Vargas engaged in an intimate, collaborative process with Camila Apaez of Ila Ceramica. This resulted in four handmade, one-of-a-kind ceramic sculptures being conceptually soundtracked by five musical contributions recorded onto a limited-edition cassette.

  • Stemmingswisselingen

    Stemmingswisselingen means mood swings in Dutch. A limited-edition series of 8 handmade papier-mâché masks by Park Pardon inspired by the 8 moods we have in store. As a nod to objects & sounds, we teamed up with Nosedrip, Haron, Vica Pacheco, Barbarelle, Suzanne Kraft, Soft Focus, Mapstation and Richard Greenan to give each of these characters a matching soundtrack.