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Alec and Aimee here. We run Objects & Sounds out of our cozy apartment in Ghent, Belgium.

Objects & Sounds is the world’s first mood-based record store featuring a hand-picked selection that reflects our ever-changing mood & the music we catch ourselves listening to. We steer away from the classic convention of music classification by looking less at trends, genres and release dates and more simply towards how we’d like to be feeling.

Whether you’d like to take it easy or have a blast, we hope you find a timeless record in our selection that you will enjoy for years to come.

the inspiration

We realized that the classic convention of boxing music into genres doesn’t always do justice to the music we love. With more time on our hands during the lockdown to work on projects that are close to our hearts, we decided to start the world’s first mood-based record store.

Before we knew it, our cozy little apartment in Ghent turned into a bodega filled with records we love from all corners of the world. Our selection features timeless music that gets lost in between genres, often made by independent artists and labels from home & abroad.

the two-person team

Alec is a freelance web developer and Aimee runs a visual design & storytelling studio. Though both of us couldn’t play an instrument very well or at all, we are both in love with music. We even sleep in churches for music.

With our experience, we approach selling records from a different perspective. Alec wants to make the online digging experience as intuitive as possible. Aimee is obsessed with sharing the stories of artists & labels we love.

At the heart of it, this brand-new project is a merging of all our interests: music, branding, really good websites and storytelling.

the dream

We hope to inspire a different way of discovering and listening to music through everything we do.
Aside from sharing records we love, our goal is to share the stories of artists, labels and creatives that make the music we love.

say hello

Although we don’t have a physical location for now, we’d love to tell you more about the records that suit your mood. Drop us a line. We’d love to get to know you. And hey, if you ever swing by Ghent, you’re more than welcome to dig from our cozy apartment in real life.

So tell us, how do you feel today?

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