Georgia | Immute


  1. A1 - Amphistoc 8:17
  2. A2 - Tecmonc 8:06
  3. A3 - Bendires Trasher 4:27
  4. B1 - Endocrync (Museo De La Revolucion) 7:28
  5. B2 - High Light 8:09
  6. B3 - Aoesdawas 5:14


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Combining tech with tradition, this album from the highly prolific NYC-based Georgia is a delight from start to end.

about the record

The New York duo of Brian Close and Justin Tripp have been releasing music from their Chinatown studio, since 2012. Under the alias Georgia they make a sound which combines tech and tradition. Their compositions created by two hits of improvisation. Where live jams are further edited and processed. Gracing labels such as Belgium’s Meakusma, and London`s FTD. Producing super limited cassettes for France`s Good Morning Tapes, and Kashual Plastik in Germany. These global collaborations reflecting Georgia’s particular reworking of the “World Music” genre. Their approach resulting in the acclaimed All Kind Music, on NYC`s Palto Flats, and participation in Emotional Response`s respected Schleißen Series. Now comes Immute, for Ekster.

The first half is concerned with exquisitely tender and melodic motifs in a 4th World Japanese style, pull of gently pitch bent tones, rippling flute and glowing percussive harmonies that arrive at lovely junctures of jazz-fusion and Japanese minimalism in ‘Teccmonc’ and endlessly reverberant choral composition in ‘Bendires Trasher’. However, the 2nd half gradually grows denser with the transition from spiritual jazz gestures to rushing tribal tresillo rhythms n ‘Endocrync (Museo De La Revolution)’, and that percussive itch spills out in more unpredictable, almost theatrical/operatic ways in ‘High Light’, to resolve in the refined ambient inceptions of ‘Aoesdawas’.

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