MATstudio 2


  1. A - The Perishable Imagination 14:21
  2. AA - Maybe This Is Something You Should Think About 14:33


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why we love this

A beautiful record with even more beautiful sound explorations. The sound of real life instruments tastefully edited and morphed beyond recognition. A true ear-opener.

about the record

MATstudio was born out of the working processes of the Amsterdam studio of Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft. Many hours are spent here experimenting with new methods, tools and ideas. This process allows the duo to continue developing their interests in merging multiple production techniques to create a personal language.

MATstudio works are collages of improvisations, experiments and accidents. Many of the fragments are the results of filtering our ideas through new production techniques and tools. Some feature friends and collaborators. MATstudio works are an ode to the infinite possibilities that result in keeping a curious mind and a desire to learn.

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