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The Nag’s Head | Entropy Noodle


  1. A1 - Blue Neptune 2:34
  2. A2 - Tropical Manflu 4:15
  3. A3 - Je Suis Giant Squid 4:55
  4. A4 - Shower Noodle 1:55
  5. A5 - Cusp 5:13
  6. A6 - Garden Noodle 0:32
  7. B1 - Transaction Ritual 6:01
  8. B2 - Pedestrian Noodle 6:00
  9. B3 - The Search For The Lost Chord 9:02


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why we love this

A unique combination of on-the-fly recordings, kitchen sink instrumentation and addictively constructed beats that sometimes feels moving and at times hilarious. Expect an emotional rollercoaster.

about the record

Named lovingly after the venerable boozer from Only Fools and Horses, The Nag’s Head is the sonic moniker of Brighton artist Stephen Maskell. Combining on-the-fly recordings, kitchen sink instrumentation and addictively constructed beats, Maskell’s music is at times moving, at times hilarious and sometimes just great dance music.

Following a trilogy of tapes, ENTROPY NOODLE is Maskell’s first LP, and signals a maturation of sound – bending, twisting and manipulating synthesis to explore every microtonal corridor of the sonic spectrum. Gone are the radio toasts, gloopy video snippets and provincial ephemera, as every soggy beer mat and bent dart in The Nag’s Head is raptured upwards into the stellar vacuum.

What friends & press say about Entropy Noodle:

‘Brilliant’ – Mary Anne Hobbs (BBC 6 Music)

‘Luxury Slime Vortex erupts like The Shard, all shiny and pointy and terrifying’ – The 405

‘Shivering, chewy techno. From the slowly constructed breakbeat velocity of Supermalt VIP to the rich textural scale of Crushed Memory Era’ – Bleep

‘Goes off like a grenade in a biscuit tin’ – No Fear of Pop

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