Electric Capablanca | Puzzle & Studies


Delicate soundscapes and intriguing melodies that feel like you’re almost floating on clouds.

A1 – Baltic Variation
A2 – Zugzwang
A3 – Karpov Counter
A4 – Instructive Sequence
A5 – Capablanca Spin
B1 – Maroczy Bind
B2 – The Position You Must Know
B3 – The Genius Of Mikhail Tal
B4 – Giuoco Piano

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Released September 2019, enjoy these new hallucinations from no known author: a machined mega-puzzle of miscalculated patterns, automatic failures and lost coffee house betas. Turn the dials to creak splinters of 70s Italian midi classical (Venosta, Musci), imagined mitteleuropa ambient (Froese, Popol Vuh) and spiritual mathematics from the old new world (Spiegel, Hassell, Riley).

What friends & press say about Puzzle & Studies:

“Excellent and intriguing” – Nick Luscombe

“A profound collection of delicate soundscapes and intriguing melodies scattered playfully across an open canvas” – Ransom Note

“The blessed matrimony of SWIMS and Kit Records spawns this enigmatic beauty … hitting a mark of toytronica and pastoral charm somewhere between Isan, Cluster, Laurie Spiegel or Werkbund” – Boomkat

“A mysterious series of curious, whimsical #electronic vignettes, marbled with cinematic flourishes & machine shrouded emotional resonance” – The Slow Music Movement


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