Cosmic Neighbourhood | Collages II


An enchanting soup of sounds that capture the daily goings-on of an imagined world.

A1 – Mystical Lady
A2 – Snowflake
A3 – Carousel
A4 – Yawn
A5 – Elf House
A6 – Cloak
A7 – Witch
A8 – Somewhere In The Woods
B1 – Being Small
B2 – Neighbour
B3 – Dragonfly
B4 – Garden
B5 – Aura
B6 – Pixies
B7 – Trees
B8 – Bunk Beds

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Bristol-based illustrator and musician Adam Higton welcomes you back into the mossy realm of the Cosmic Neighbourhood. With each song acting as a response to a series of paper-and-scissors compositions, ‘Collages II’ documents the daily goings-on of an imagined world.

Sonically, this record straddles new and old, taking modular electronics, flutes, bells and softly pattering drum machines, before colouring them all with the amber glow of some forgotten, psychedelic kids’ TV programme. Higton’s benign toots and echoing jingles bring to mind Daphne Oram’s early delay experiments or the meandering playfulness of Tom Cameron. Radiophonic and time-worn, it still somehow sounds like the future.


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