Craig Leon | Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 2: The Canon


  1. A1 - The Earliest Trace 2:00
  2. A2 - Standing Crosswise in the Square 2:00
  3. A3 - The Respondent in Dispute 2:00
  4. A4 - Four Floods of the Point 2:00
  5. B1 - The Twenty Second Step as Well as the Tenth 2:00
  6. B2 - The Gates Made Plain 2:00
  7. B3 - Departure 2:00


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Whenever one would think of outerwordly civilizations, one would easily imagine a sense of wonder mixed with a raw kind of tribal energy. No one better than the talented producer Craig Leon to translate this feeling into sound.

about the record

Craig Leon is an American-born record producer, composer and arranger instrumental in launching the careers of many recording artists including The Ramones, Suicide, Talking Heads and Blondie.

Active in pop music production from 1974–1998, Leon has focused on classical composition, orchestration, arrangement and recording from 1998 to the present. His work appears on many classical recordings with artists including Luciano Pavarotti, Andreas Scholl, Sir James Galway and more.

As side project, Leon has released a few an avant-garde electronic albums under his own name. His first notable work was “Nommos”, which was released on John Fahey’s Takoma Records in 1981.

In this album, Craig Leon revisits the extraterrestrial origins of civilization on Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 2: The Canon. Picking up where his pioneering electronic albums Nommos and Visiting (Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1) left off, The Canon traces the imparted knowledge of alien visitors as it spread from Africa across the ancient world. Co-produced and featuring vocals by Cassell Webb, the pair engage a sonic pallet familiar from Vol. 1, updated with ecstatic contemporary sound and synthesis, creating a propulsive, exploratory album of cosmic lore and speculative anthropology.


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