Kate NV | Room for the Moon


A playful album inspired by the sound aesthetics 70s and 80s Russian and Japanese pop music and film.

1 – Not Not Not
2 – Du Na
3 – Sayonara (Full Moon Version)
4 – Ça Commence Par
5 – Marafon 15
6 – Tea (Full Cup Version)
7 – Lu Na
8 – Plans
9 – If Anyone’s Sleepy
10 – Telefon

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Ekaterina Shilonosova, known professionally as Kate NV, is a Russian singer-songwriter, producer and vocalist in the Moscow-based post-punk band Glintshake. Her debut solo album Binasu was released on 2016, followed by для FOR in 2018 and Room for the Moon in 2020.

She channels “the playful cool of Japanese City Pop, the nineteen-eighties genre that focusses on album-oriented rock, smooth disco, and easy-listening funk” in her first album, Binasu. She is heavily influenced by Viktor Pivovarov when she made her third album Room for the Moon. Released in 2020, Room for the Moon received a warm reception from critics.


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