Köhn 1


  1. A1 - Karohte 2:52
  2. A2 - Köhnepijp 5:50
  3. A3 - Köhtels 3:30
  4. B1 - Wortel 5:23
  5. B2 - Nöhk 4:22
  6. B3 - Köhnepoht 4:21
  7. C1 - Köhn Met Pruimen 2:21
  8. C2 - Clover 4:17
  9. C3 - Kodde 3:41
  10. C4 - Vlaamsche Hangoor 5:12
  11. D1 - Zoef 7:03
  12. D2 - Köhnetand 8:37


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“The goal was to make music that was rhythmic but without obvious percussion and drum sounds, to sample anything and hear what was possible or how it would inspire me. No effects, I didn’t want to use any effects like reverb or delay, except as part of the sound. I wanted the sound to be dry and direct. No washes of reverb or sounds drowning in echo. This was not supposed to be an ambient record. Only the last two tracks were allowed an exception to this. Sounds belong to the room they’re played in. I didn’t want them to be in a space before leaving the speakers. Electronic sounds have no original acoustic space nor are they enhanced by a resonant body before they enter the air through a loudspeaker. I wanted the electronic sounds to be raw in that aspect, no polish or fake space. This, the sound of bedroom production.”


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