Cara Stacey & Camilo Ángeles | Ceder


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  1. A1 - Jazmin 1:45
  2. A2 - When We Made A Space Inside Each Other 5:50
  3. A3 - Unpan Un Sol 6:00
  4. A4 - Stolen 10:13
  5. B1 - Stolenboosch 3:03
  6. B2 - Cederberg 7:11
  7. B3 - Silbato Azteca 7:02


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Soothing, shrill, euphoric, yet serene. Feels like a journey to a foreign planet: a landscape sparse and desolate, yet somehow teeming with life.

about the record

As a follow up to her staggering psychedelic jazz debut, ‘Things That Grow’, Cara Stacey returns to Kit Records for ‘Ceder’ and teams up with Peruvian flautist Camilo Ángeles, pushing further into the liminal space between classical, jazz and traditional South African music.

Recorded live over a day in Cape Town, ‘Ceder’ presents a narrative in turns soothing, shrill, euphoric, dissonant, serene – unfurling like a labyrinthine soundtrack to some foreign planet; a landscape sparse and desolate, yet somehow teeming with life.

Recommended if you like the hauntingly isolated Western soundtracks of Bruce Langhorne, Keith Jarrett’s serpentine piano playing or the fantastical terrains of Rashad Becker.

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