Suso Saiz | Nothing is Objective


  1. A1 - Meccano 2:31
  2. A2 - Anti-Stress For Babies And Families 2:31
  3. A3 - Con Los Ojos 2:31
  4. A4 - Abrazo Mirando 2:31
  5. B1 - Mexican Bells (For Jorge Reyes) 2:31
  6. B2 - Grounded 2:31
  7. B3 - Minimal Distance 2:31
  8. C1 - Una Voz 2:31
  9. C2 - Objective Void 2:31
  10. C3 - Dulce (With Christian Fennesz) 2:31
  11. C4 - Healthy Digestion 2:31
  12. C5 - Scrub Your Ego 1:36
  13. C6 - Forma Horizonte 2:31
  14. D1 - Frogs In Love 2:31
  15. D2 - From Memory 2:31
  16. D3 - Nothing Ends 2018 2:31


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Nothing Is Objective is a delicate and intimate record that harnesses small drops of sentiment for listeners to withdraw into.

about the record

Spanish ambient composer Suso Saiz deepens his relationship with Music From Memory with the release of a new album, Nothing Is Objective. This joins 2017’s Rainworks as his second full-length album for the label, following archival collections of solo music and of his group Orquesta De Las Nubes.

Nothing Is Objective was recorded in Madrid in 2018 during a period of transcendental change and creative awakening for Suso. It captures the composer as he develops a renewed relationship with his instruments and craft, channeling a dialogue between the meticulous use of technology and the outer reaches of human expression. Suso’s universe is one that remains in constant mutation and emphasizes time above all else. His radiant drones are a nest of hidden feelings; they glisten with complex emotions and textures, teasing out moods of vulnerability and hope.

Released in a gatefold 2xLP it features collaborations with Austrian guitarist Christian Fennesz, liner notes by John Gómez, and music dedicated to Suso’s friend, the late Mexican musician Jorge Reyes. Nothing Is Objective cements Suso’s place as one of the label’s central and most loved artists.

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