C.R. Gillespie | Concentration Patterns


  1. A - 120Hz 14:28
  2. B - 90Hz 19:50
  3. C - 77Hz 21:09
  4. D - 60Hz 19:50


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Beautiful meditative 2LP set from the Canadian artist C.R. Gillespie. A true floating on clouds feeling!

about the record

“Exploring an enveloping spectrum of tonal space, the intention and pseudo-theory of Concentration Patterns is that of aural therapy, meant to assist in the practice of meditation, mindfulness, and the development of healthy sleep cycles. When played at a comfortable volume (~ 70dB) with possible utilization of indirect listening to exaggerate the low frequency spectrum, the listener may disassociate from their surroundings into the synthetic headspace of the extended piece. While listening, allow your body to ingest the hum of these simple and relatively affordable machines.

The unavoidable breakup of the whole within the vinyl format gives the unique opportunity to accentuate the listening experience by suggesting the pairing of pure sine tones, their frequency values indicated above, giving a tonal fulcrum to each side. This concept, sometimes described as binaural beats therapy, posits that concentrated listening to slightly-varying stereo frequencies can lead to decreased anxiety and “increased quality of life”. Conversely, vibroacoustic therapy, alleging that specific low-frequencies may positively resonate within the body’s deep tissue, faces far more apathetic criticism; yet I would be remiss in discouraging this passing consideration during enjoyment of Concentration Patterns.”

– C.R. Gillespie

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