Leon Lowman | Liquid Diamonds


A fine compilation featuring the early work of Rhode Island keyboardist and ocean-loving Leon Lowman. Feels like a carefree summer afternoon.

A1 – Bumpin’ On Sunset
A2 – Morning Song
A3 – Open
A4 – Friends
A5 – Narrow River
B1 – The Want
B2 – Fluorescent Funk
B3 – Back To The Grasslands
B4 – Liquid Diamonds
B5 – Forest Of Fear
B6 – Andrea
B7 – Listen

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Liquid Diamonds is a compilation from the Rhode Island keyboardist and ocean-loving Leon Lowman.

As well as a devoted painter and surfer of the East Coast, the synthesizer-loving Lowman privately released two albums “Syntheseas” (1980) and its follow up “Sound Horizon” (1982). These albums do not only pay homage to his love of the local seashore and the women he was trying to woo there, but they also express Leon’s pure love of the synthesizer sound and reflect his unique melodic wanderings.

With Leon’s albums meeting little commercial success at the time of their release, both albums have in recent years become highly sought after. Along with previously unreleased material from the time, Liquid Diamonds highlights Leon Lowman’s unique blend of low-fi synth funk and surf ambience.


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