Palta | Universel


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  1. A1 - Universel 4:15
  2. A2 - Tabt Optagelse 6:01
  3. A3 - På Gensyn 4:45
  4. B1 - At Ville 6:04
  5. B2 - Optagelse 16A 9:26


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Lush and playful with blissed-out, ambient textures.

about the record

Under his Palta alias, Natal Zaks reveals another side to his sound. Until now, his music has tended to be rooted in ’90s dance dialects like West Coast deep house or flickering electro/freestyle hybrids, but here he moves away from the dancefloor entirely, putting pulse over rhythm and atmosphere over melody.

When it comes to blissed-out, absent-minded reverie, Universel marks the sweet spot. Just five tracks and 31 minutes long, Universel is essentially a mini-LP, but it’s still immersive and enveloping despite its brevity.

– Pitchfork

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