Jonathan Fitoussi | Plein Soleil


Enter Jonathan Fitoussi’s unique utopic world and experience his vision of the future with this album.

A1 – Oceans
A2 – Rayons Solaires
A3 – Continent Blanc
A4 – Dunes
B1 – Soleil De Minuit
B2 – Vents Magnétiques
B3 – Amazonie
B4 – Corolles
B5 – Totale Eclipse

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In Plein Soleil, Jonathan Fitoussi explores the continent of his electronic instruments, watching them move along with him on his journey, like uncharted territories, beyond what’s already been said, done, composed and played. In these tracks, or should we say, between them, something new unfurls. Where, in the past, musical mechanism, melodic shades were shaped by atmospheric frames, reluctant to choose between amniotic and repetition, what’s at play here is of a different nature, more rhythmic, all made of vibrating percussion, of synthetic sparkles that bump into each other and reverberate. The hypnosis of the percussion, the trance of the desiring-machines, the synthesizers immanence, dreaming themselves as bongos, as bass, vibraphones, marimbas, while floating high above, or sometimes far below, timid waves, drones, threads connect the beats together.


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