Kabas | Eugénie


  1. A1 - Ochtendland 3:02
  2. A2 - Klaarte 3:23
  3. A3 - Vroolijk Masker 3:43
  4. A4 - Heenzaam 2:22
  5. A5 - Hij Langt Den Hoed Af 2:43
  6. A6 - Paddenhoek 2:20
  7. A7 - Nelson 3:05
  8. B1 - Start 1:40
  9. B2 - Menuet 3:31
  10. B3 - Kasseiken 3:14
  11. B4 - De Kleine Zandweg 2:13
  12. B5 - Wacht 2:48
  13. B6 - Trots 2:11
  14. B7 - Avondstand 1:59


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why we love this

A series of 14 varying musical landscapes that start at the bright Ochtendland and end with the somewhat gloomy Avondstand. One of those records you keep rediscovering and gravitating to new tracks at every listen.

about the record

Eugénie was the cleaning lady of the Belgian writer (and painter) Louis Paul Boon, born more than a century ago. It’s also the representation of the wonderful sound world of Kabas, consisting of an instrumentation with piano, drums, percussion, double bass, flute and harmonium. The latter instrument has been saved from an old church and provides a beautiful symbiosis with the timbre of the (ironed) double bass and the flute.

Eugénie is an album of free jazz consisting of a series of 14 varying musical landscapes that start at the Ochtendland and among others, the path-sounding Paddenhoek and the melancholic De Kleine Zandweg, ending a little 40 minutes later with the somewhat gloomy and dark Avondstand. They are all music miniatures that have a short tension arc.

Each album has a unique cover created using a chemical printing process called cyanotype. A mix of different chemicals is exposed to sunlight. Everything that is exposed eventually gets a beautiful Prussian blue color, while everything that is unexposed remains white. This process was discovered in 1842 and applied a little later by the botanist Anna Atkins to her algae collection. Kabas gives the work of Atkins a modern update with their cover art. Nowadays you not only find algae in the sea, but also a lot of plastic. Every piece of artwork (both the covers and the download code cards) is therefore a unique, handmade cyanotype of plastic waste.

– Text by Jazzradar.com, translated from Dutch


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