Susannah Stark | Time Together (Hues and Intensities)


  1. A1 - Saturn 4:54
  2. A2 - Dear Beloved Friend 4:29
  3. A3 - Reprise 3:09
  4. A4 - This Is For Us 2:12
  5. B1 - Remind You 6:40
  6. B2 - Can Of Worms 2:49
  7. B3 - Unnatural Wealth 8:03


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Mystical and intimate, Susannah Stark’s voice speaks deeply. A thrilling album that takes you from calm lows to wild highs and back.

about the record

Time together (hues and intensities) is the debut album of Susannah Stark. Susannah has been active as a visual artist for some time and in recent years started working with sound as a central element of her art installation works. At the same time, she began feeling drawn to music and voice as a creative medium.

Composed between 2017 – 2020, these songs came to fruition over a period of time coinciding with an awakening spirituality in the artist.┬áTime together is an attempt at describing the beginning of a journey into self knowledge and spiritual awareness through music, creating something soothing and meditative that is also percussive and bass heavy to convey a diversity of spaces, places and emotional states navigated through voice and song.

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