Jan Van Den Broeke | 11000 Dreams


An intense research towards Jan Van Den Broeke’s personal sound led to a unique piece of music for the time.

A1 – White Bird
A2 – Akahito
A3 – My Lesbian Girlfriends
A4 – The Monkey House
A5 – The Desert
A6 – A La Recherche De B.L.
A7 – Free At Last
B1 – Jehudah
B2 – Who Is Still Dreaming?
B3 – Memories
B4 – The Luckiest Man
B5 – A Peaceful Vale

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The third release on STROOM 〰 is introvert music gold by Jan Van den Broeke, the man behind the eighties DIY/lo-fi wave outfits Absent Music, June11 and The Misz.

Van den Broeke, now a renowned architect, self-released most of his music on cassettes and CDR’s. Recently some of his stuff are reissued through labels such as EE Tapes or Walhalla Records, but this is his first career-spanning compilation, covering over 30 years of music, carefully selected by Nosedrip and Jan himself.

Van den Broeke tried to cover the gap between ambient and song, with music assembled in layers, using electronic and accoustic instruments and samples from radio, tv, field recordings, old tapes, movies and so on. As a youngster of his time & place, he was heavily influenced by the output of labels like Les Disques du Crépuscule and Crammed, but the compilation shows an intense research towards a personal sound.


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