Sign Libra | Sea to Sea


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  1. Sea of Fecundity 2:00
  2. Sea of Islands 2:00
  3. Sea of Waves 2:00
  4. Sea of Serenity 2:00
  5. Sea of Vapours 2:00
  6. Sea of Nectar 2:00
  7. Sea of Cleverness 2:00
  8. Sea of Tranquility 2:00
  9. Sea of Knowledge 2:00


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why we love this

Light and playful as it is mystical and eccentric. This album captures the joy of Sign Libra’s experimentation. A true show of how music shouldn’t always be so serious.

about the record

Sea to Sea paints a portrait of the Moon’s nature, illuminated by the Sun and softly coloured by a lucid “vision” of the Earth.

On this album, Sign Libra drifts between the cerebral and celestial, arranging, and then rearranging, the complex and magnificent systems of our immediate and greater cosmos into her own graceful and eccentric sound patterns.

As the moon appears in different ways on different days, Sign Libra leaves Sea to Sea open like an ocean to listener interpretation and imagination.

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