Sam Wilkes | Live On The Green


  1. A1 - Today 4:12
  2. A2 - The B Section Of Inner Urge 4:00
  3. A3 - Alma 1:24
  4. A4 - Run 5:04
  5. B1 - Descending 3:55
  6. B2 - Sivaya 5:16
  7. B3 - Unsure 4:06
  8. B4 - Descending (Alternate Mix) 4:40


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An experimental live album recorded in a club covered in AstroTurf. It features lo-fi grooves and ambient textures for mood setting.

about the record

On November 15, 2018, Sam Wilkes filled the Highland Park Ebell Club with Astroturf to help deaden the acoustics of the large room, and to provide a shared space for the music and audience. Joining him for the performance was Sam Gendel on alto saxophone, Jacob Mann on Roland Juno 106 and Korg Kronos, Christian Euman on drums, and Adam Ratner and Brian Green on electric guitars.

The set was engineered and recorded by Hans Bernhard, and mixed by Chris Sorem and Sam Wilkes. Set design was done by James Watson and Sam Wilkes, advertisements for the show by Miles Witner, video art and installations by James Watson, tea and beverage by Thien-Anh Tu, floral arrangements by Peter Cameron, additional lighting by Angela Lin, soundboard provided by Joey Genetti, speakers and cabling provided by Stones Throw, Louis Cole, and Hans Bernhard, AstroTurf provided by Pico Party Rentals, records selected by Bianca Lexis, and additional performances by Matthewdavid’s Mindflight and Jacob Mann. Two additional new studio recordings were made for this LP, the credits for which can be found within the gatefold.

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