Sam Wilkes | WILKES


A record that both sounds familiar and accessible, but also really different and unique. Wilkes boasts a warm sound with a beautiful layer of grit.

A1 – Welcome
A2 – Today
A3 – Run
B1 – Tonight
B2 – Hug
B3 – Descending

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What does your new record WILKES mean to you?

“It is the first part of a two part chapter.
It’s the product of realizing that I HAD to make my own art, instead of just working with/for other projects (as I had done up until this point). Upon jumping into that pool and then swimming on my own for the first time, I realized that I could compose and produce the music that I want to hear; which I got VERY excited about. I have a pretty belligerent need to create and once I began, working on my own music became a daily necessity for fulfillment and to deal with what I was going through at the time.
I expressed this through composition, production, sonics, and creating and curating an environment for Sam Gendel’s, Brian Green’s, Louis Cole’s, and Christian Euman’s genius to be heard and featured (i.e featuring personal cornerstones of that community I was talking about.)
this, rather than, say, making music for the sake of making a “bass record”, was the outlet I needed; it wasn’t really an option, this was just the vehicle for my observations, experience, philosophy, love . . .
It’s a snapshot, one that I worked so hard on, of who and where I was from 2015-2017.”

– Sam Wilkes


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