Baldruin | Vergessene Träume


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  1. A1 - Erscheinung Am Meeresgrund 1:54
  2. A2 - Das Mysterium Der Kreidefelsen 4:08
  3. A3 - Begegnungen Im Labyrinth 2:43
  4. A4 - Flitzer In Der Sakristei 4:10
  5. A5 - Nachricht Von Morgen 4:04
  6. A6 - In Der Smaragdstadt 4:08
  7. B1 - Zur Anderen Seite 2:03
  8. B2 - Wirbelwurm 1:47
  9. B3 - Wellenformen 3:07
  10. B4 - Angeschwemmt 3:36
  11. B5 - Spuren Im Eis 3:26
  12. B6 - Judiths Traum 2:07
  13. B7 - Der Letzte Gang 3:46


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why we love this

Mystical and uplifting work. Indulge yourself in a parallel dimension of dreams and wonders, a land where everything is possible and absurd is the norm.

about the record

Vergessene Träume – forgotten dreams in German – imitates its title by creating a unique sonic environment decorated with nooks and crannies. The music possesses the dark underpinnings of a fairy tale, but the danger never overwhelms. Granny and Red enjoy their cake with lovely fresh butter. The children nibble at the gingerbread house, then text their friends, who devour it down to the root cellar.

“The formulaic mannerism in Johannes’ work is non-existent although through the maestry and elegance we can clearly hear a feasible spirit of sensual spiritualism that you can’t deny really. It will be good to come back to those tracks as they are both deeply relaxing and in a poignant way – meaningful.” – Felt Hat

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