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  1. A1 - Kamayacha 3:57
  2. A2 - Nothing Toulouse 3:57
  3. A3 - Tolbiac 3:35
  4. A4 - Ritz 4:33
  5. A5 - Kamayacha 3:54
  6. B1 - Amazona 4:00
  7. B2 - Josaphat 4:17
  8. B3 - Ketama 5:06
  9. B4 - Le Havre 4:37


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why we love this

Made in 1987 here in Ghent but still sounds so fresh as ever. We live for timeless records like this.

about the record

Most of the nights in October 1987 you could find Gerry Vergult (Aroma Di Amore/Fred A/Zool) and Gerrit Valckenaers (Adult Fantasies/The Colorist Orchestra) in a desolated studio in Gent. At that time and place, they sneakily crafted and shaped this Nasca record, while they were supposed to finish a new Fred A. record. The result: an abstract universe where minimal post-punk bass riffs blend together with radio sounds in ‘Nothing Toulouse’, tropical tribal vibes oscillate between futuristic nostalgia and haunted dreams in ‘Ketama’ and‘Ritz’, a sampled heart beat slowly mutating in mesmerising midnight jazz and a dug-out dub groove of ‘Kamayacha’ transforming itself into the inner city blues of ‘Josaphat’.

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