Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft | Passive Aggressive


Profound and calming. Pitchfork describes it best: it seems as effortless as Japanese calligraphy.

A1 – Photo With Grey Sky, White Clouds
A2 – Refractory Cafe
A3 – Beluga’s Song
A4 – Hanging Glass Structure
B1 – Inside
B2 – Small Town
B3 – See Yourself Out Of The Way
B4 – Time, Being

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This collaboration from Amsterdam’s Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft is a work of profound tranquility. Passive Aggressive is the duo’s first collaborative album, but it’s not immediately obvious that it’s the work of four hands instead of two. If anything, it is quieter and more spacious than anything either musician has done on his own. It sounds as though, instead of encouraging each other to add more ideas to the mix, the two musicians focused their energies on subtracting everything extraneous.

The results appear as effortless as Japanese calligraphy: a constellation of gestures in which no motion is wasted, and so seemingly natural that the creator’s hand disappears behind the work. In the right frame of mind, its meditative miniatures come springing vividly to life.

– Pitchfork


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