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Federico Durand | Pequeñas Melodias


  1. A1 - Se Hizo De Noche 1:41
  2. A2 - El Jardín De Rosas Antiguas 2:47
  3. A3 - Las Estrellas Giran En El Pinar 4:07
  4. A4 - Los Juguetes De Minka Podhájská 2:48
  5. A5 - Racimos De Luz 7:38
  6. B1 - Anís 4:59
  7. B2 - Canción Del Reloj Cucú 3:51
  8. B3 - La Tarde Ronda Por La Casa 7:54
  9. B4 - El Cedro Azul 2:42


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why we love this

Sounds like a soothing film score evoking a sense of melancholy and longing for distant memories.

about the record

Brazilian artist Federico Durand masterfully captures the sentiment of autumn in his album ‘Pequeñas Melodías’ – or ‘Little Melodies’ in English.

The album is the result of a dialog between the artists Albarrán Cabrera and Federico Durand between December 2017 and August 2018, initiated by the French label IIKKI. It was recorded in a small village in the Sierras de Córdoba mountain range on tape loops and cassettes, using various instruments such as acoustic guitar, music boxes, synthesizer and electric pianos. Expect a textural sound blanket to comfort you in the transition to colder and darker times.

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