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Crotocosm | Setting the Scene for an Island Battle


  1. A1 - Krazy Kalimba 2:00
  2. A2 - Island Life 2:00
  3. A3 - Pitter Patter 2:00
  4. B1 - Incoming fire 2:00
  5. B2 - Survey The Scene For Survivors 2:00


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Out of stock

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A dark & haunting soundtrack to accompany your next jungle stroll.

about the record

Men of many monikers Jordan Czamanski and William Thomas Burnett cover a spectrum of styles with the rapidfire rhythmelodies, choral synths and dank ambience of ‘Setting The Scene For An Island Battle’

Adding up to something like a short-film soundtrack, the pair shape up a progressively pensive episode travelling from the fluttering, ritualistic charge of ‘Krazy Kalimba’ and the mesh of pygmy-esque electronics and bubbling choral voices in ‘Island Life’, to the reflective ambience of ‘Pitter Patter’, before matters take a dark turn into the Giallo-ish strings and slunking groove of ‘Incoming Fire’, and the cold palpitations of ‘Survey The Scene For Survivors’.

– Boomkat

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