Natasha Pirard | Ready for Action

O&S Mood Walks | Tasha Pirard | Ready for Action
This mood walk by Natasha Pirard is part of our mood walk series. Each walk is inspired by one of our 8 moods.
Natasha Pirard
Ready for Action

about natasha pirard

Natasha Pirard is a Musicology student at the University of Ghent. Every now and then, you can listen to her sonic explorations on Kiosk and Dublab. On Sundays and Mondays, you can find her at Café Labath in the Oude Houtlei pouring flat whites.

about the walk

I really enjoy doing almost every distance in Ghent by foot and I recently discovered that there is a certain rhythm in my pace that I find very comforting. A swiftness that feels just right for longer distances. This sound walk captures that specific tempo in my pace. Ready for action, one might say.


The route itself takes you from a bigger street to smaller ones, from crowded places to a one-way street with no one else around. 


  • Remember Lievekaai as a place to meet up with friends or enjoy the last rays of sun on a warm evening in the Summer. It’s a highly underrated treasure in Ghent. 
  • Look to your left when walking in the Vrouwebroersstraat and don’t forget to take a pen and some paper with you. I can reassure you that whatever you choose to write down is safe within the brick construction. 
  • When you’re in the Haringsteeg: look for N°5 and dive into the world of MuchWow Japanese Gift Store: from fluffy animals to rare Godzilla-figurines. 


The mix for this walk is to be listened to as a variation in these dynamics and places.

O&S Mood Walks | Tasha Pirard | Ready for Action

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