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O&S Mood Walks | bwaa. | Calm & Collected
This mood walk by bwaa. is part of our mood walk series. Each walk is inspired by one of our 8 moods.
Calm & Collected

about bwaa.

Originally founded by Roel Goovaerts and Victor Van Rossem as a two-man collective, bwaa. transformed into a label after the release of Karel Van Deun’s forgotten album ‘Zij ziet het zonnige’ in 2019. 

about the walk

Whenever I’m in the city center and feel like taking a walk this is my go-to area. It’s beautiful, quiet and calm – perfect for collecting your thoughts. Nothing is required of you during this walk, though I do have one suggestion: in the Sint-Margrietstraat you will see, on your left, the entrance to the church of the Paters Augustijnen. If it’s open, go inside and have a look around. Maybe you’ll want to listen to the rest of the mix here, maybe you won’t. Like the great poets of Digable Planets said: You gotta do whatcha feel. 


O&S Mood Walks | bwaa. | Calm & Collected

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