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This mood walk by Alien Observer is part of our mood walk series. Each walk is inspired by one of our 8 moods.
Alien Observer
Emotional Rollercoaster

about alien observer

Alien Observer is the alter ego of curator, composer and artist Laurens Mariën. He has previously played in the band Soldier’s Heart and collaborated with performance artist Dolly Bing Bing and with theatre artist and performer Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe on several occasions. He has a penchant for eclectic disquietness and likes melodies & marimbas, voices & violins, guitars & goodie bags and samples & synths. 

about the walk

I wanted to explore how music would react to a larger cast of people. I went to a busy place, put on music, and started to imagine that all the passers-by were actors, dancers and performers. Sometimes certain rhythms are completely in sync with the movement of the people around, sometimes certain events coincide with what’s happening in the music. 


During this walk, I invite you to watch and observe what’s happening around you. From the moment you stand or walk among the crowd, you can also become part of the “scene”. You decide where the story goes and what your role is. 


When the first song plays, head towards Sint Veerleplein. You have 3 minutes.


Scene 1: Sint Veerleplein


Find a comfortable place to sit where you can see the castle, the roads and the tram. Observe the commuters rushing to make it to the tram, the tourists fiddling with their maps, and the cyclists struggling with the tracks. You have the people who are rushing and the people who are strolling. This is coincidental harmonic choreography just for you. You are the director and you decide how the storyline evolves.



When you hear the song “Cardiocleptomanie,” start walking to the beginning of the Langemunt. You will recognize this because they repeat this word over and over again. You have 3 minutes to walk there. 


Scene 2: Langemunt


You are now in one of the streets of Ghent I always try to avoid. Slowly make your way towards the end of the street. You have the rest of the mix to do this. Pay attention to what’s happening around you. Look at the store signs, watch buskers perform, observe the people who are entering and exiting the stores. Now, you become part of the choreography. As you move through the crowd, try to blend in and watch your steps. 


When the last song “Nothing lasts forever” starts, continue walking towards Meerseniersstraat 9 and head over to Gitane. Order a beverage and take your time to enjoy it. If it’s closed, find another stop nearby.

O&S Mood Walks | Alien Observer | Laurens Mariën | Emotional Rollercoaster

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