Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton | Music and Poetry of the Kesh


Joyful, soothing and meditative. Almost like you are drifting far past imaginary lands.

A1 – Heron Dance
A2 – Twilight Song
A3 – Yes – Singing
A4 – Dragonfly Song
A5 – A Homesick Song
A6 – The Willows
A7 – Lullaby – Lahela
B1 – Long Singing
B2 – The Quail Song
B3 – A Teaching Poem
B4 – A River Song
B5 – Sun Dance Poem
B6 – A Music Of The Eight House

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Music and Poetry of the Kesh is the documentation of an invented Pacific Coast peoples from a far distant time, and the soundtrack of famed science fiction author, Ursula K. Le Guin’s Always Coming Home. In the novel, the story of Stone Telling, a young woman of the Kesh, is woven within a larger anthropological folklore and fantasy.

The ways of the Kesh were originally presented in 1985 as a five hundred plus page book accompanied with illustrations of instruments and tools, maps, a glossary of terms, recipes, poems, an alphabet (Le Guin’s conlang, so she could write non-English lyrics), and with early editions, a cassette of “field recordings” and indigenous song. Le Guin wanted to hear the people she’d imagined; she embarked on an elaborate process with her friend Todd Barton to invoke their spirit and tradition.


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