Scott Gilmore | Subtle Vertigo


“The album is a chill, whimsical listen marked by sunny melodies, lilting rhythms, and timbres as watery as the ice melting in the bottom of your glass.”

A1 – E70 No. 01
A2 – Europe
A3 – Lady Street Racer
A4 – Flight Through Grey
B1 – Subtle Vertigo
B2 – Pieced Together
B3 – Tides
B4 – Walking Underground

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“Though Subtle Vertigois billed as his debut album, it’s actually the follow-up to a 2016 cassette on SFV Acid’s SFV Records label. Whereas that tape, bearing the low-key title Volume 01, was recorded in mono, the new one makes the leap to stereo; it also boasts an ever so slightly richer, fuller sound, achieved by recording eight separate tracks to his reel-to-reel, bouncing into the computer, then recording another pass on the multi-track and bouncing down again. Nevertheless, it maintains the same muted, understated air as its predecessor.” – Pitchfork


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