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An energetic pairing perfect for an evening with longtime friends or unleashing the child within. Also makes for a suitable present for anybody who deserves the absolute best.

  1. A1 - Tiger Leone
  2. A2 - Karahi King (Dub)
  3. A3 - With You
  4. B1 - Movement
  5. B2 - Wonder Drops
  6. B3 - Blue Blue


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about the record

With You by Jura Soundsystem is an incredibly groovy album that simply just feels good to listen to. No if’s, why’s or but’s needed. Like a carefree summer afternoon captured in sound. Fun and uncomplicated!

about the wine

Wine: Anarchie 2018 | Laura Seufert
Type: Light skin fermented
Grape: Silvaner
Origin: Iphofen, Germany

Have you ever met the most warm and welcoming person on this planet? Laura Seufert’s smile is as enchanting as her wine. Be prepared to get blown away. Oh and no worries: we got more bottles of this golden, slightly herby liquid. The best kept secret of Iphofen. 

why this makes for the perfect pairing

Been humming and dancing around all day? Let the happy mood last a little longer with this pairing. Can be enjoyed alone or in the company of your bubble. Whatever you do, don’t resist the dance and let it all out.

This record & wine pairing is selected together with SIP.

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