Floating On Clouds | Record & Wine °04


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Longing for an escape? You don’t have to travel far and beyond to enjoy treasured moments of serene and wonder. You can blissfully whisk away to a safe and soothing haven in the comforts of your own home, led by Marto and his wonderful Weiß and this dreamy record.

  1. A1 - Dunes 3:57
  2. A2 - Driving East 3:34
  3. A3 - Tankers On The Horizon 4:12
  4. A4 - Bunking Off 3:54
  5. B1 - Horsey Sunset 2:59
  6. B2 - Wildlife 4:06
  7. B3 - Swimming In The Rain 2:55
  8. B4 - North Sea 3:21


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about the record

Natsukashii by Luke Sanger is a beautiful album teeming with dreamy yet playful compositions. Filled with floaty bleeps and blops that evoke a sense of wonder. Just purely comforting and gentle at the same time. Oh sometimes it doesn’t need to be more complicated than that!

about the wine

Wine: Marto Weiß 2019 | Marto Wines
Type: White
Grape: Faber, Würzer, Bacchus, Müller-Thurgau, Riesling, Scheurebe, Silvaner
Origin: Flonheim, Germany

This light amber-colored wine will keep you focused while weaving day into night and night into dreams. That extra pinch of salt and the cherry on the pie. Complex, but easy to drink. Pinch us, we must be dreaming!

why this makes for the perfect pairing

This pairing asks for a comfortable position and closed eyes, indulging you sip by sip & note by note. A combination both extremely pleasant on the tongue as it is for the ears.

This record & wine pairing is selected together with SIP.

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