Floating on Clouds | Record & Champagne


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You know that feeling when you’re really content? This record and champagne pairing is almost like a shortcut to get there. Mellow and delicate for both the ears and the lips. Like a buoy to get you to float effortlessly in a velvet sea during sunset.

  1. A1 - Clairvoyance 6:00
  2. A2 - Corners 2:54
  3. A3 - Holding No Hands 3:21
  4. A4 - The Layout Of Failure 3:28
  5. A5 - Positive Dispair 3:41
  6. B1 - Erratic Texting Behavior 4:36
  7. B2 - Untitled #2 4:36
  8. B3 - Twist Your Arm 4:41
  9. B4 - Forget Space Nor Time 4:09
  10. B5 - Reversed Swell 5:13


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about the record

Jason Kolàr’s ‘Modified Perspectives’ is soft, warm and soothing all at once. One of the tracks in this album perfectly captures the feeling: ‘Forget Space Nor Time’. Almost like a meditation for the ears: simply full of ease and truly grounding.

about the wine

These bubbles make you rise and float and fall down in a huge soft air castle. As elegant and delicate as the sound when two crystal glasses meet. This mood deserves something elevated. Spoil yourself, you deserve it. Oh and don’t mind the dreaming, this one can last in your cellar for a little longer.

Wine: Stillleben by Charles Dufour
Type: Champagne from 7th heaven
Grapes: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc
Origin: Landreville, Champagne, France

why this makes for a perfect pairing

When it’s all so hazy around you, you need something delicate and elegant to match. You deserve an escape to paradise. There is always a reason to celebrate and indulge yourself. A pure sense of contentment awaits.

Wine pairing in combination with SIP. Read more about the pairing in our mood talk.

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