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Music of the Five Elements was first released in 1982, and was one of the first works in contemporary Western music to combine a considerable skill of musicianship with a thorough knowledge and expertise in the ancient methodology of healing with music. A beautiful meditative piece of work. Best enjoyed from beginning to end, without interruption.

A – Gathering
B – Focusing

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Acupressurist and electronic composer Sam McClellan’s Music of the Five Elements is a work of perfectly tuned healing music. The album is a continuous sound voyage for voice, synthesizer, guitar, bowed bass, piano, effects and ciao (Chinese flute) all played by McClellan himself. Although divided into sections, the journey is best undertaken as a whole, without distraction.

As McClellan himself wrote on the original liner notes: “The optimum effect of Music of the Five Elements will be achieved if each side of this recording is played through, from beginning to end without interruption. Music of the Five Elements, when used as a meditational or body work tool, rather than entertainment, will increase in effect over time. Overplaying or improper use, however, may eventually diminish its designed effect.”


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