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Absorbed in gloomy thoughts or can’t shake off the yearning for better days? This record & beer pairing is an antidote to melancholy. Deep, pensive and beautiful: it intensifies the feeling so you can truly feel it. Comes with 2 beers.

  1. 1 - Pine Trees 3:20
  2. 2 - Silver Ladders 3:46
  3. 3 - Til A Mermaid Drags You Under 10:27
  4. 4 - Sometimes He's In My Dreams 3:47
  5. 5 - Chop On The Climbout 5:57
  6. 6 - Don't Look 8:03
  7. 7 - Thirty Tulips 4:58


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about the record

Inspired by landscapes and memories, LA-based harpist Mary Lattimore made a new album this year that sounds slightly darker and more melancholic than her previous work. Maybe it’s a natural progression that matches the darker times we live in, or maybe it’s a personal invitation to be more pensive. Whatever it is, the album is an utterly intriguing listen.

about the beer

Put on your grandpa’s sweater and light up the wood fire if you have one. It’s too dark to stare out of the window and there’s nothing happening after midnight. This is an old historical sour beer from Munster. Let the beauty of the craft soak in. Take your time. Why hurry anyway?

Beer: 2x Aoltbeer by Kemker Kultuur
Type: Sour ale: refermented on plums
Origin: Munster, Germany

why this makes for a perfect pairing

This full-bodied beer combines perfectly with the warmth of the harp – strengthening each other elegantly. Allow your attention to shift inward and as you enjoy every sip, don’t block the emotions coming your way.

Beer pairing in combination with SIP. Read more about the pairing in our mood talk.

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