Gigi Masin & Charles Hayward | Les Nouvelles Musique De Chambre Vol. 2


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  1. A1 - Waterland 2:55
  2. A2 - Clouds 5:03
  3. A3 - La Giara di Gesturi 4:01
  4. A4 - Three Bridges 2:47
  5. A5 - The Song of the Masked Men 3:15
  6. A6 - Underwords 1:39
  7. A7 - First Time Ruth Saw The Sea 3:23
  8. A8 - Goodbye Kisses 1:53
  9. B - Thames Water Authority 3:42


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A classic album inspired by the waterways of Venice and London. Flowing waves of sounds with a moody, introspective undertone.

about the record

In 1989, the Belgian label Suba Rosa challenged Gigi Masin and Charles Hayward to write about the waterways of their respective cities, Venice and London. “Les Nouvelles Musiques De Chambre Volume 2” is the fruit of their labors. Though a fluid collaboration, Hayward and Masin explored the given theme in unique ways.

For Masin, he strove to evoke the human interactions of Venice’s famous landmarks, surrounded and enveloped by water as they are. “Places, faces, memories… that’s what most of the people love to find when they travel to Venice – some kind of magic that’s deep in the city,” he writes in the new track notes.

Hayward, however, took to describing the physicality of water, its “densities and energies” as he puts it, and the politics of it too. Hayward: “Water was being privatized at the time, the profit margin had been factored in, cost-cutting was implicit, people were being poisoned. Water was a political thing; it still is.” Dive in.

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