Music for Blissing Out

High Sun Low Moon | Mary Moon Tea Bath | Ritual
Mary Moon is a sensuous tea bath for the body comprised of a collection of herbs that help us reconnect deep within ourselves. Comes in a muslin sack for steeping in the bathtub.
Music for Blissing Out

about the playlist

Allow this dreamy playlist to whisk you away as you enjoy the sensuous Mary Moon Tea Bath. A moment to surrender and recenter.


América Analógica – cortezas (i)
CV & JAB – Stone Circle
Michael Stearns – As the Earth Kissed the Moon
Neinzer – Elliptical Footsteps
Actress – Fire and Light
Suso Saiz & Suzanne Kraft – On Plateau
Max de Wardener & Kit Downes – Bismuth Dream
Jon Hassell – Moons Of Titan
Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft – Knife
Mary Lattimore – Til A Mermaid Drags You Under
John Carroll Kirby – Cascata di Malbacco
Sarah Davachi – Diaphonia Basilica (version)
Jason Kolàr – Clairvoyance
Motohiko Hamase – Pascal

High Sun Low Moon | Mary Moon Tea Bath | Ritual

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