Music for Blissing Out

High Sun Low Moon | Sacred Soak Tea Bath | Ritual
The Sacred Soak is a calming tea bath made from soothing herbs intended to balance out our busy lives. Comes in a muslin sack.
Music for Blissing Out

about the playlist

Let this playlist gently linger in the background as you indulgently enjoy High Sun Low Moon’s Sacred Soak Tea Bath. Intended to balance out our busy lives.


Wilson Tanner – Sun Room
Kate NV – дуб OAK
Takashi Kokubo – Dawn of the Forest
Green-House – Soft Meadow
Domenique Dumont – Arrival
H.Takahashi – Wurzel
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Blink
Green-House – Chysis
Healing Potpourri – Breezy Glistening
charlie dreaming – Dream #1 (Arrival)
Khotin – Water Soaked In Forever
Federico Durand – Lluvia de estrellas
Biosphere – Dissolving Clouds
Slow Attack Ensemble – Melting Ice
Windy & Carl – Forest Trails
water feature – with flowers
A.R.T. Wilson – Overworld
David Edren – Plant Charmer
Laraaji – Hare Jaya Jaya Rama II

High Sun Low Moon | Sacred Soak Tea Bath | Ritual

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