Hugo LX’s 10 album picks to revel in unfathomable emotions

Hugo LX - O&S Mood List

Hugo LX's 10 album picks to revel in unfathomable emotions

Hugo LX is a Paris-based DJ and producer. In his sets, he tends to cruise from downtempo beats to soulful electronic dance music and everything in between. His productions are equally rich and colorful, taking cues from various styles and influences.


Enamored by Hugo’s natural knack for moodsetting, we recently invited him to share with us a mood list. He captures the vast range of emotions ensconced within a single day, or even a single moment. In the way that memories are oftentimes woven into settings and sounds, Hugo’s selections intertwine the volumes of joy, sorrow, vibrance, grief, desire, and all of the unfathomable emotions in between that can be experienced within every simple or detailed memory. The tracks capture his time spent in Kyoto, where he spent hours listening to ambient or instrumental music with his friend Takuya, whether at home, driving through mountains, or attending performances at dedicated small venues such as Urbanguild.


On his chosen albums, Hugo reflects: “These tunes tell about my profound attachment to nature. Now a city dweller, I grew up by the Atlantic Coast, and it took a long time before I could really put words to this connection. A love refound, so to say. The textures of nature – water, stones, light, leaves, mist, and smokes – and those of music – tones, motifs, spaces, and depth – offer different expressions of the same material.” 

Hugo LX - O&S Mood List
Chihei Hatakeyama - Late Spring

Hatakeyama’s newest album — another cornerstone in a very unique catalogue — makes instruments “sing” in very particular undertones and “printed” textures. This one tune is aptly named after the sea. You can vividly hear that pale azur color and its reflections.

Sam Gendel - Fresh Bread

From Sam Gendel’s monumental 50+ song compilation. Huge sound and refreshing experimentations. This tune could carry you into some past dimensions, unwrapping a lot of those deeply buried memories.

Cktrl - Robyn

Robyn is the latest EP from London-based saxophonist Cktrl. This song is one of the most emotional tunes I’ve ever had the chance to hear in years. So much is said in less than two minutes. It takes me to those vibrant, sunny afternoons before the fall season. Praises to Errol from Touching Bass for releasing this magical piece!

Sam Wilkes - Live On The Green

Sam Wilkes’ solo offerings are simply my favorite recent albums to date. They reach near perfection in terms of texture, space, and pace — all with that complex simplicity. This Alice Coltrane cover epitomizes the magic Wilkes and his band are able to produce every time around. It takes you THERE. I’d listen to this on a dark winter night to face the cold.

Shuttle358 - Frame (20th Anniversary Edition)

A really mineral, crispier take on the great “Lyndon Tree” tune. It shows how texture is everything in music. I would listen to this on some sunrise occasion, by the lake or in the mountains.

Brian Green - Impressions for Headphones

One of the darkest cuts on the extraordinary Impressions album. It has a strong drive to it. Perfect for a slow-paced trip in a repetitive landscape, like a forest with high trees and grey light.

Rei Harakami - Colors Of The Dark

Harakami’s music has been essential to me in times of pain and sorrow, especially. I could use a thousand words to describe how I feel listening to his pieces, but this song says it all. It’s a walk in the wild, a climb on a mountain, a new day with a new template. It’s after all that was before everything has finally collapsed.

Daniel Aged - You Are Protected by Silent Love

This brilliant, spacey album is a new chapter in Daniel Aged’s endless creativity. This song is the closing cut, and it takes a few listens to fully get all the nuances and details of it. Do you already know this song? What is it saying exactly? It has a hundred lives by itself. If not a dream, then what is it?

H.Takahashi - Sonne und Wasser

Can you see the drips sliding horizontally on this grey and blue canvas?

Sam Gendel & Sam Wilkes - Music For Saxofone and Bass Guitar More Songs

I can’t have enough of these two together. A lot of unexpected poetry in this tune, starting in mono before a mind-blowing overture in stereo. But where are we?

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