women who’ve inspired us

women who’ve inspired us

women who’ve inspired us

Here’s to the women in music, whose creativity and curiosity have not only made a mark on us but also blazed inspiring trails for all.

Anat Ben-David
Anat’s music is equally experimental and accessible, ranging from pop to opera to improv to avant-garde. She makes videos to each track and uses it live. Always surprising and intriguing, constantly seeking to research, learn and evolve
Avi Pitchon
Zoe Polanski
Zoe’s album ‘Violent Flowers,’ came into my life early into the pandemic and became my companion on drives into nature, while cooking, reading in the backyard. It will always feel like a close friend.
cynthia bernard (marine eyes)
Cosey Fanni Tutti
My singular most impressive listen in a long while. Spearheaded by a key figure in electronic music in the UK from the 80' onwards. A sincere thank to Emma for shedding light on this 22' trip. Visceral, and as such it needs growth
Otis Verhoeve
Éliane Radigue
For me personally, Radigue's approach to atmospheres, overtones and instruments she involves in her sonic works is genuine and authentic. Especially, how accurate she performs sonorous transformation by using synths.
Caroline Crawley
Caroline Crawley's fragile voice in "Song to the Siren" touches me deeply evoking a melancholic beauty that words cannot express.
I think her charisma and her freedom in creating music and also a unique style (visual and musical). Furthermore, seeing her perform live is always very inspiring because it conveys so much passion and fun.
Anja Lauvdal
I was inspired by her way of creating sounds that suspend time, in a sensitive and gentle way.
Linda Buckley
The first time I encountered Buckley's work was a piece performed at BBC's Tectonics Festival. It was 1 of 6 pieces performed by the orchestra that weekend & it blew me away. I was mesmerised by the emotion of that piece & everything I've heard since
How to approach space and environment, sense of distance.
Saigetsu Takayama 🇯🇵
Pauline Anna Strom
Julianna Barwick
This track in particular is one of my favourites ever. The vocals paired with the sounds feel like rays of sun shining onto my face.
Wendy Carlos
A brilliant musician, scientist, and explorer of electronic sounds and instruments. I have the deepest respect for her.
Sonja Tofik & Mar-llena
Intriguing music often appears deceptively simple. Despite having only a handful of layers, this song pulls me in with its expansive feeling. Within its simplicity, a complex mixture of hope, wonder, and tension arises.
Valley’s music and mixes resonate with my soul. The melancholic and ambient tones possess a rare ability to synchronize perfectly with the ebb and flow of my emotions.
Laurie Anderson
My first (and only, haha!) tattoo says "x = x." Laurie's playful approach to art, and finding inspiration in everything, is such a beautiful reminder of what we can uncover with curiosity as our guide.

Is there a woman artist or several artists you want to share about? 

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