7 albums to drink tea to with Zaumne

O&S - Mood List - Zaumne
For his mood list, Zaumne invites us to pause and enjoy some of his favorite records over a cup of tea.

7 albums to drink tea to with Zaumne

Zaumne is the moniker of Polish sound artist Mateusz Olszewski. With releases on labels such as sferic, Mondoj, and Czaszka Records, he’s quietly harnessed his own distinct sound over the years. Throughout Zaumne’s work, hushed vocal samples flicker across moonlit passages of emotive soundscapes. Processed field recordings are woven through layers of understated and surreal instrumentation, and the resulting sound is nothing short of a billowing dream.


We wanted to learn more about the music that influences Zaumne’s artistry or everyday listening habits. For his mood list, he invites us to pause and enjoy some of his favorite records over a cup of tea. Zaumne says on his picks, “Some of them are best suited for a solitary afternoon reverie practice, while others might better complement a meeting with a close one or even a date. It all depends on your mood and your tea-drinking habits.”


Start the kettle, find your favorite mug, get cozy, and enjoy Zaumne’s finest selection: a unique blend that will keep your heart warm. 

O&S - Mood List - Zaumne
Jabu - Boiling Wells (demos ’19-’22)

Jabu’s tape captures the spirit of a demo tape perfectly for me. It reminds me a bit of early Hype Williams’ work, but conducted with more vulnerability. I’m drawn to records that are as intimate as this one. What might seem careless turns into something vastly special. You’d be sure to conjure some warm waves under your blanket with this one.

Piotr Kurek – Edena

This early Piotr Kurek work fits into the rather underdeveloped ‘uplifting’ category in my collection. Truly luminous music, which never fails to brighten my mood. One of my favorite synthesizer-centered albums and definitely a classic from the 2010s Polish electronic scene. It was released originally by Lutto Lento in his Sangoplasmo imprint.

ssabæ - azurescens

Last year’s favorite. There’s something so elegant and pure about this record. Seems like it can extract everything that is solemn from my day and create a quiet celebration out of it.

ulla – Hope Sonata

‘Hope Sonata’ possesses the ability to mess me up in a very delicate way. I failed to find something as moving as this album recently. One time, while listening to it, I felt like a waterfall gently touching the stones on its way. I couldn’t elaborate on this unfortunately, but for lack of better words, this album is for me equal parts magical and melancholic. Also, my dear friend was approached by a doe once while listening to this album.

anatol – ana

This album makes me feel like I’m in the back seat of my parents’ car, driving through a foreign country. It’s not vacation quite yet, but I’m excited about observing everything through the side window with youthful sensibility. The album is also a bit messy, in the best way, resembling inner turmoil.

Various Artists - Longing for the Shadow: Ryūkōka Recordings, 1921-1939

Beautifully put-together, these historic recordings from the 1920s and 1930s are soaked in a heavy crackle. I return to the cassette version of this compilation a lot, as it fills me with a peculiar feeling of longing for something I never experienced.

Emer – Sea Salt

I love the deep dubby lows and detailed highs, the spoken word elements, and the scraps of field recordings. I can listen to this album on repeat, and I continue to do so. It’s produced with great care but feels soulful and snug at the same time. I’m really impressed with the balance of this album.

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