Allie Hatch’s 10 records for building bouquets

Allie Hatch's 10 records for building bouquets - Mood List
Currently based in Amsterdam, Allie lends her creative voice to Objects & Sounds with her playfully imaginative pen and listening ears.

Allie Hatch's 10 records for building bouquets

Our paths crossed with Allie last year. Little did we know back then that she would soon be part of our team. Currently based in Amsterdam, Allie lends her creative voice to Objects & Sounds with her playfully imaginative pen and listening ears. If you’ve been following our journey, you’ve already seen, read or listened to a lot of her inspirations seeping in the store and our releases.


As we love how Allie effortlessly plays with words and how eclectic her music picks tend to be, what better way to bring this all together than with a mood list? She picked 10 records for building bouquets.


Allie shares: “I’ve always had a fascination with flowers and how they have the unique ability to bring beauty to life’s most paradoxical moments. While growing up, my mom was a florist, and to this day, one of my favorite qualities about her is when she speaks expressively about flowers and how to build a bouquet.”


We couldn’t have thought of a more fitting way to introduce Allie and celebrate this blooming addition to our team!

Allie Hatch's 10 records for building bouquets - Mood List
Kendra Smith - Kendra Smith Presents The Guild Of Temporal Adventurers

This is an album I waited forever to buy, hoping I would stumble on it one day. I was lucky enough to receive it as a gift on my birthday from the best dad in the world, and now it’s one of my most treasured records. This track in particular always captures something indescribable, but very moving, for me. I can’t help but be swept away every time I hear it. 

Various - Récit de Voyage 2

Molly can do no wrong! Orion can do no wrong! A really lovely compilation that never fails to make me smile and dance.

Marion Brown - Sweet Earth Flying

After receiving some tragic news a few months ago, this was the only album I found myself able to play for the next 24 hours or so. A very emotional one for me, and definitely my favorite album from Marion Brown. 

Nuron, As One - La Source

In May 2020, peak covid, my small outing from the house would be a morning walk around Beatrixpark to see all of the flowers blooming, and then I would go home and play this record. Nuron returns, dropping some sweet honey to soothe our souls in otherwise dire times. 

Mattheis, Ranie Ribeiro - Het Jaar Rond

Ever since Ranie first sent me this track, I have been mesmerized! What a beautiful album from start to finish – it oscillates between near and far, touching on old memories and present perceptions. A very special release from two equally kind and talented artists. 

Zaumne - Élévation

Home alone, a gentle rain drums against the window, it’s the edge of early evening and nighttime, and this record is playing. Élévation really sticks with you – it seems to capture millions of micro-moments and sensorial experiences into four rich, alluring tracks. 

Stanley Cowell - Musa: Ancestral Streams

Another very emotional one for me. I am forever grateful for what Mr. Cowell contributed to the world through Strata-East and his own music.

Yu Su - Yellow River Blue

Yu Su is without a doubt one of my favorite contemporary artists. Mixing electronic and organic elements, she’s created such a distinctive and interesting sound that really seems to bloom from within – floral dub, we can say!

Blue Eyed Soul - You Ain’t No Weight

This is probably the best recommendation I’ve gotten from the Spotify algorithms. The haunting organ paired with the vocals of Lynn Marshall gives me a sense of foreboding, but also a peculiar comfort. There is hardly any public info available about Blue Eyed Soul (at least that I can find), which adds a nice layer to the album, but man oh man those Discogs prices… this one will have to be one of those records I hope to magically find in a flea market one day.

Muziekkamer - Op Zee

Next to Giegling, Stroom is easily the label that most regularly inspires me to (day)dream. Op Zee is a perfect encapsulation of that hard-to-pinpoint feeling the label evokes. A window into our own adventure-seeking, incessantly curious and awestruck minds.

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