Takashi Kokubo | Digital Soundology #1


Inspired by the revolutionary mindset of the legendary German art school Bauhaus, Takashi Kokubo went on to create a unique collection of soundscapes that still sound inventive more than 3 decades after its first release.

A1 – Playing Among The Gods
A2 – Melancholy II
A3 – Before You Dream
B1 – Fluctuation #1
B2 – The Insane Time Keeper
B3 – Fluctuation #2
B4 – Daze / Fluctuation Step 1
B5 – Chaos
B6 – 回廊の音楽

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Official reissue of Takashi Kokubo essential ambient/minimal/environmental album: “A musical expression that shatters the old values”.

“During this time, I was very much influenced by Bauhaus’ philosophy of ‘The revolutionary activities that shattered unified architectural design, modern product and old things’. The way in which the Bauhaus’activists thought was quite similar to my concept of music production around that time so that is the reason why I added the phrase ‘Bauhaus’ to the title of this album.” – Takashi Kokubo

Originally released on King Records in 1985, composed and written by Takashi Kokubo.


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