Lejsovka & Freund | Music For Small Ensemble & Computer


Classical instrumentation played and edited in the most surprising ways. A true surprising, yet heartwarming journey.

A1 – Municipal Xerox
A2 – Nothing, Just Looking At The Moon
A3 – From Royal Ave
A4 – Mold on Canvas
B1 – Debris Fields
B2 – Borrowed Mic Test
B3 – Autumn In New Canaan
B4 – Downed Predator Souvenirs
C1 – Ah Shit, My Heart Is Full
C2 – Return to Emptiness
C3 – Moonshadow Bath Song
D1 – Carry This Object
D2 – Hexations
D3 – Fog In The Ravine
D4 – Hamburgers In The Woods

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