L’Eclair | нощта


  1. A1 - Cebando 5:08
  2. A2 - Atlantis 4:42
  3. B1 - Dallas 3:34
  4. B2 - Carousel 3:47


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why we love this

Enormously fun & groovy. It’ll make your head nod, no matter what.

about the record

L’Eclair is taking new directions with нощта and further reinforces its commitment to the groove.

“Cebando” is a percussion heavy opener that is filled with liquid synths and multiple riffs, all mixed in an old school dub fashion. Then comes “Atlantis”, an introspective and dreamy polyrhythmic meditation. Carried by a hypnotic rhythm section and coastal nostalgia, the track is a genuine underwater fantasy. Trippy times guaranteed!

“Dallas”, the B side opener, is a very sample friendly song and was conceived with a DJ/digger’s approach in mind. It’s got a nasty drum break, a Black Sabbath-esque bridge and wild solos. Last but not least, “Carousel” is without a doubt the most modern track on this EP. Blending minimal synth sequences with an unconventional cold post-dub groove, the song reaches climax with duelling basses and is turned into a total club banger.


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